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The best care in the best hands


Play, have fun, make new friends and learn how to interact correctly.

Stress reduction

With our exercises you can reduce stress levels and improve your health or behavior.


No le faltará el paseo de calidad correspondiente, ya que no todo es juego y estar entre 4 paredes.


It is proven ... the environment and appropriate music help them to be more relaxed.


The service of our day care is like that of a nursery school, where you leave your dog when you cannot attend to him, whether for work, running an errand, going to the hospital, for something unavoidable or simply to have fun with more dogs.

You will be in a safe and secure environment, a place where you can play, socialize, have fun, and go out to the park.

How does it work?


Like the human being, it is a sociable animal and needs to interact with more individuals of the same species.

Leaving your dog in the nursery, you will not be overwhelmed again by having left him many hours alone, or having to put up with his needs for a long time because he cannot go outside. It will be a more cheerful dog without stress.

Do I need a daycare for my dog?

How are our facilities?

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Our facilities are spacious, safe and adapted, since the well-being of the dogs is our priority.

They will be together based on their size, behavior, and age. A member of our team will be supervising the games at all times and that no setback occurs.

We have open spaces, a toy pool to develop their sense of smell, tunnels, houses, cones and bars to work on their proprioception, fears and intelligence.


We have a bathtub in case someone gets too dirty.


- 8 horas al día por 90€
- 6 horas al día por 65€

Los bonos de guardería tendrán una validez de 60 días, pasado ese tiempo estarán caducados.

No se podrán fraccionar ni usar en otro día las horas no utilizadas ese mismo día.

Día suelto

- 8 horas al día por 24€

- 6 horas al día por 18€

Todo lo que exceda del tiempo contratado se cobrará a precio/hora suelta

Hora suelta

8€ por hora

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